• SmartCard Transport

    It stores a large amount of data, which makes it perfect for use in applications such as access control, medical control, identification and mass transit, among others.

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  • Visitor Control

    Ideal for enterprises, medical institutions, and any organization in need of an easy registry and visitor control system.

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  • Access Control

    Now more than ever before, security risk management is on the rise due to a sharp increase of security-related incidents happening in our everyday life; these incidents affect the way we live.

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  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

    This system allows you to connect multiple cameras and your local or online and mobile viewing, with a high rate of frames per second and recording high- quality digital video.

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  • Intelligent Building Solutions

    Art tool for monitoring and event management . An innovative way of looking at security technologies applied to intelligent control and building automation.

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    Monitor the activity of the cash register and the products at the same time through your existing video surveillance system.

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